“Julia’s artistry stirs the observer deeply and truly. The first time I met her and approached the setting of her Movement is Free project, I felt a smile arise from within my soul before I had even gotten close enough to introduce myself. From that moment, Julia has continually inspired me to connect with my own spirit through the creative embodiment of movement and dance. Her joy and passion are not only palpable in everything she does, they are positively infectious. Participating in Movement is Free has unequivocally been one of the greatest and most liberating experiences of my life, and Julia’s artistic endeavors have lit a fire in my soul that I cannot foresee burning out.”
 ~ Susan Zelinski

“This Summer I had the privilege of taking a class with Julia Daye. I have been studying dance for many years and her class really opened up ideas and dynamics about movement and movement in community that I had not experienced before. She was very encouraging and has one of those lovely personalities that help you to feel welcomed and appreciated. This helps a lot in trying new things, which is what she is doing; getting us to try out new ways of moving and being. Thanks for the experience!”
 ~ Eve Hennessa

“Julia’s ability to extract a person’s uninhibited energy is unrivaled. She can turn anyone into an artist, partly by tossing aside arbitrary notions of what “art” is in the first place, but also by giving people permission to be and move and feel however they want. It has been a unique pleasure to experience Julia’s work firsthand, and I can’t wait to see the projects and ideas she comes up with next.”
 ~ Michael Bihovsky, Musical Theater Performer and Composer

“In a word, Julia radiates. She’s charismatic beyond words, facilitating creative movement experiences for diverse audiences that refresh, inspire and safely challenge participants. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with her on producing events as well as sharing space on the dancefloor, and her presence amplifies the positivity as well as the success of the experience. Through our professional relationship and personal friendship, I have witnessed how profoundly committed Julia is to her personal growth as an artist and educator, as well as to her communities.”
~ Jess Jones, DJ/yoga instructor/community collaborator

“Julia is devotedly and rigorously committed to her creative soul. Her greatest strength is her commitment to self study and it is this that makes her an authentic teacher. Whether on the dance floor or in the confines of her own heart, Julia longs for the truth of who she is. With each breath, she becomes more fully who she is called to be in the world, and she offers it up in divine service to the whole. If you are fortunate enough to be in the presence of Julia, her willingness to be vulnerable, and her passion for life will move you. She is a blessing.”
~ Jenny Finn, LSW, Ph.D.