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“Psychedelics could relieve depression without causing hallucinations”   Medium

“Irving Farm New York Celebrates 11 Years Uptown”   West Side Rag

“The joyful West Philly Open Mic has grown way beyond the pandemic that seeded it”    The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Shaping Stories of Violence: Power of the Online Bystander”   HuffPost

“Holy Cross: A Rural Hospital Braced For Onslaught”   Taos News  

“Why You Should NOT Go To Small Rural Towns During COVID-19”  The Journal Blog

“A Body Revolution”   onebillionrising.org

“One Billion Rising: Dancing Into A New World”   LiveTaos

“Drop The American Drive”  The Startup

“Arrival Prayer”  HOWL Literary Journal

“You Are The Medicine”  HOWL Literary Journal

“Cloudburst: May 30th 2020”  Poems For Resistance 

“The Race, The Rhyme, The Genocidal Shrine”  Poems For Resistance 

The Edge of Waking  A Freedom Books

“The Other Victims of COVID-19”    Medium

“Where Sits The Modest Giant” Plutzik Foundation Literary Blog: A Fistful of Words

“Two Ears, One Mouth”   Investigating Reality

“In Thanks To Robert Levithan”   Investigating Reality  

“Community and Sanctuary”   Investigating Reality

Investigating Reality (Ongoing Blog)

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Julia reports on domestic and sexual violence in Taos: KNCE Radio

Julia hosts Abeyta Water Rights Special on KNCE Radio

Julia interviews folk musician Garry Blackchild on KNCE

Julia interviews poet Marshall James Kavanaugh on KNCE

Julia hosts the PASEO Project Radio Takeover on KNCE

Julia interviews intuitive guide Patricia Laufer on KNCE

Julia interviews Gubernatorial candidate Peter DeBenedittis on KNCE

Julia interviews Nahko Bear of Medicine For The People on KNCE

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 1”

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 2”

Special Productions


“Interview: Gubernatorial Candidate Peter DeBenedittis” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio

“Helena Norberg-Hodge: Economics of Happiness” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Oct 2017

“Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio June 2017

“The Gift of the Drum” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Jan 2017

“Human Trafficking Awareness Day” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Jan 2017

“Standing Rock March on Washington DC” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Jan 2017

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 1” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Nov 2016

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 2” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Nov 2016

“Neighborhood Schools: The Fight for the Future of American Public Education” Free Speech Radio News May 2012

“Weighting On Obama: New Yorkers Remain Skeptical on Job Creation” People’s Production House & WBAI Radio Jan 2012

Commercial Voice Work