Media Appearances & Coverage

National Poetry Month at Taos Pueblo Day School: The Moccasin Wire, KTAO Solar Radio  May 2019

“‘One Billion Rising’ Participants Gather in Taos Celebration Despite The Rain”    The Taos News    Feb 2019

“One Billion Rising Unites Taosenos” The Taos News    Feb 2019

“1 Billion Rising”  KCEI Cultural Energy, Pacifica Radio    Feb 2019

The Taos Lowdown, KNCE Radio    Feb 2018

KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio: True Kids 1 Radio Hour    Jan 2019

The Tempo Year In Pictures, The Taos News    Dec 2018

True Kids 1 Radio Hour, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio    Dec 2018

“An Invitation to Rhythm and Joy” Cindy Brown / Taos Woman Magazine   March 2018

“Strong Statement”  The Taos News    Feb 2018

“Freedom is the Word” Tamra Testerman / The Taos News    Aug 2017

“Poets for Peace” Robin Collier / KCEI Cultural Energy Radio    Aug 2017

“Yoga For Youth” Robin Collier / KCEI Cultural Energy Radio    July 2017

“Julia Daye”  James Nave / WPVM Twice Five Miles Radio, Asheville    July 2017

“Music & Momentum” Brad Hockmeyer / KTAOS Solar Radio    March 2017

“Taos joins ‘One Billion Rising’ Movement” M. Elwell Romancito / The Taos News    Feb 2017

“Strength in Numbers” Katherine Egli / The Taos News    Feb 2017

“Julia Daye on 1 Billion Rising” Mike Tilley / KCEI Cultural Energy Radio    Feb 2017

“StarTribe Music Festival” Listen Up! / KTAOS Solar Radio    June 2015

“‘Billion Rising’ Event Seeks to Break the Chain of Violence” Laura Bulkin / The Taos News    Feb 2015

“Taos Fall Arts Festival” Moccasin Wire / KTAOS Solar Radio    Sept 2014

“Julia Daye Interview”  Rita O’Connell / LiveTaos    Sept 2014

“Chained” (film) Joe Cantor / Puzzle Pieces    Feb 2014

Special Productions & Radio Documentaries

“Interview: Gubernatorial Candidate Peter DeBenedittis” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio

“Helena Norberg-Hodge: Economics of Happiness” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Oct 2017

“Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    June 2017

“The Gift of the Drum” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Jan 2017

“Human Trafficking Awareness Day”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Jan 2017

“Standing Rock March on Washington DC”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Jan 2017

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 1”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Nov 2016

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 2”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Nov 2016

“Neighborhood Schools: The Fight for the Future of American Public Education”  Free Speech Radio News    May 2012

“Weighting On Obama: New Yorkers Remain Skeptical on Job Creation” People’s Production House & WBAI Radio    Jan 2012

Articles & Publications

The Edge of Waking  A Freedom Books    Nov 2017

“A Body Revolution”  Julia Daye /    Feb 2016

“One Billion Rising: Dancing Into A New World”  Julia Daye / LiveTaos    Feb 2016

“Shaping Stories of Violence”  Julia Daye / Huffington Post    May 2013

Investigating Reality (Ongoing Blog) Julia Daye

“Where Sits The Modest Giant” Julia Daye / Plutzik Foundation Literary Blog A Fistful of Words    Oct 2011