Media Appearances & Coverage

“Freedom is the Word” Tamra Testerman / The Taos News    Aug 2017

“Poets for Peace” Robin Collier / KCEI Cultural Energy Radio    Aug 2017

“Yoga For Youth” Robin Collier / KCEI Cultural Energy Radio    July 2017

“Julia Daye”  James Nave / WPVM Twice Five Miles Radio, Asheville    July 2017

“Music & Momentum” Brad Hockmeyer / KTAOS Solar Radio    March 2017

“Taos joins ‘One Billion Rising’ Movement” M. Elwell Romancito / The Taos News    Feb 2017

“Strength in Numbers” Katherine Egli / The Taos News    Feb 2017

“Julia Daye on 1 Billion Rising” Mike Tilley / KCEI Cultural Energy Radio    Feb 2017

“StarTribe Music Festival” Listen Up! / KTAOS Solar Radio    June 2015

“‘Billion Rising’ Event Seeks to Break the Chain of Violence” Laura Bulkin / The Taos News    Feb 2015

“Taos Fall Arts Festival” Moccasin Wire / KTAOS Solar Radio    Sept 2014

“Julia Daye Interview”  Rita O’Connell / LiveTaos    Sept 2014

“Chained” (film) Joe Cantor / Puzzle Pieces    Feb 2014

Special Productions & Radio Documentaries

“Interview: Gubernatorial Candidate Peter DeBenedittis” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio

“Helena Norberg-Hodge: Economics of Happiness” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Oct 2017

“Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    June 2017

“The Gift of the Drum” Julia Daye / KNCE Radio Jan 2017

“Human Trafficking Awareness Day”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Jan 2017

“Standing Rock March on Washington DC”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Jan 2017

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 1”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Nov 2016

“Voices of Standing Rock, Part 2”  Julia Daye / KNCE Radio    Nov 2016

“Neighborhood Schools: The Fight for the Future of American Public Education”  Free Speech Radio News    May 2012

“Weighting On Obama: New Yorkers Remain Skeptical on Job Creation” People’s Production House & WBAI Radio    Jan 2012

Articles & Publications

The Edge of Waking  A Freedom Books    Nov 2017

“A Body Revolution”  Julia Daye /    Feb 2016

“One Billion Rising: Dancing Into A New World”  Julia Daye / LiveTaos    Feb 2016

“Shaping Stories of Violence”  Julia Daye / Huffington Post    May 2013

Investigating Reality (Ongoing Blog) Julia Daye

“Where Sits The Modest Giant” Julia Daye / Plutzik Foundation Literary Blog A Fistful of Words    Oct 2011