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Julia has been moving dance floors since 2012. Offering an invigorating mix of sounds and rhythms from all over the world, she offers an alchemical experience through embodiment of beat. Mixing music “for the whole community,” Julia offers a uniquely ageless sound, inviting all to take part and move.

Since Spring of 2013, Julia has been producing and DJing events of all kinds; private celebrations, festivals, dance clubs, large concert venues, dance/embodiment workshops, and not for profit events. Click here to listen to some of Julia’s grooves from past events!

In 2014, Julia created and began DJing and hosting a weekly world music music show for KNCE True Taos Radio in Northern New Mexico. The show, titled “What Are These These Things?” airs live every Tuesday 10 am – 1pm MST both locally and to an national online audience.


Julia arrives on stage in full celebration of body and the whole of light and shadow. Trained in Contemporary Dance,
Modern, thisisbodyWest African, Movement Improvisation, and the 5 Rhythms moving meditation, Julia fuses schools of movement with deep personal creation to manifest a style of vibrant, embodied movement. Her performance work moves through deep rhythm, silence, and wildness, offering the audience an experience of deep recognition and unrestrained humanness.


Moving Medicine Workshop:

Moving Medicine opens a space for alchemical exploration through deep rhythms and movement. Facilitated by DJ and dance facilitator Julia Daye, this open format workshop invites participants to an investigation of heartbeat, emotional process, and personal energetics though freeform movement and musical journey.

Julia says, “The main focus of much of my work as well as in this workshop is this:
the way we choose to move, or not move, through a 1655543_10202833639303280_1512404235_ospace can be a vulnerably informative experience regarding our own ways of interacting with the world. I do my best to bring people’s focus to their own gestures (literally) of openness or closure.”

The workshop experiments with movement in conjunction with partnership/interaction with another’s movement, changing partners every few minutes to keep the experiment moving and growing, asking questions. With the focus of the space rooted in the constant witnessing our own movement patterns, the partnering section is where we tend to learn the most based on our “movement reactions” to the sudden presence of a second person. Does your movement change at all? Do notice your movement accommodates them in some way? Do you drop your movement and begin doing theirs? These are all very informative  ways of discovering our own patterns of connection and ways of being with others.

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Power Dance Fitness:

Aurafitness, Mondays @ Noon 

Northside Fitness, Thursdays @ 8 am
Northside Fitness, Saturdays @ Noon 

Power Dance is a straightforward, exhilarating rhythmic sweat for all levels of movers and shakers! It’s a dance workout that uses fun, comprehensible fitness-oriented choreography and world beats to generate a lively full-body workout.
One of the main objectives of Power Dance is to make dance fitness accessible for all kinds of movers. The choreography is intentionally uncomplicated to allow participants to more effectively drop out from their busy minds and into their bodies for afuller, more satisfyingly embodied dance-based workout.