A writer, activist, radio personality, and lifelong musician, Julia Daye is a mainstay in the community arts scene in Northern New Mexico. Julia Daye offers her poetry and nonfiction writings as instruments of fundamental truths, illuminating the contrast between the real and contrived. A translator of hidden harvests and existential patterns into word, Julia’s works have been published in print and on the web, in publications that include The Huffington Post, The People’s Production House, HOWL, and the Hyam Plutzik Foundation literary blog, A Fistful of Words. She is an alumna of the New York State Writers’ Institute and author of the online literary blog, Investigating Reality. Her first chapbook was released by A Freedom Books in November 2017.

Julia Daye is the longstanding host of KNCE Radio’s What Are These Things out of Taos, New Mexico. The show is known for its lively creative inquiry through in-depth interviews with artists and change makers, as well as for bringing listeners weekly political examination, on-air poetry performance, and deep dives into music from all over the globe.

In lifelong service of social justice and community, Julia Daye is also a regional organizer for One Billion Rising in Northern New Mexico, having first worked as a community organizer in New York City to fight violence against women since 2011. Believing fiercely in music and dance as agents for positive change, Julia has been a catalyst for community-focused dance spaces across New York and New Mexico since 2012.

A mainstay in the high energy community dance scene, Julia Daye made a name for herself moving dance floors across NYC before moving to the Southwest. Her rich fusions of global bass, house, and world music inspired her nickname “The Rhythm Ambassador” in her east coast home. Since 2012, she’s been delivering shaking soundscapes to dance floors in the US and Europe, sharing the stage with such greats as Govinda, Kaminanda, Narkatta, Apollo Poetry, and Desert Dwellers. Collaborators over the years have also included a host poets, drummers, dancers, and musicians. She has appeared at acclaimed festivals and events, including FIGMENT Festival, Sister Winds, StarTribe, Tribal Visions, Dance Lab, and Ecstatic Dance. The current founder and producer of numerous get-down-and-get-sweaty events and series, Julia Daye is an artist in constant rapture with the universal medicine of dance and rhythm, arriving at the decks with the mission to liberate and elevate through a global tonic of electrifying beats.

Julia’s drum and dance schooling in West Africa in 2009 instilled the tribal boom characteristic of her DJ sets. Since returning to the US, she has also brought in sounds from Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Balkans, continuing to collaborate with local drummers and musicians for an even bigger dance floor thunder.

Clients, collaborations and features have included FIGMENT Festival, Sister Winds, Tribal Visions, Freeform Festival, Moonrise Collective, YogaZo, The BassMint, High Frequency Loft, The Paseo, StarTribe, Dance Church, Regeneration Festival, Movement is Free, Rhythm Nation, Ecstatic Dance, DanceLab, NewMuse Productions, Party Priest, HuffPost Women, One Billion Rising, HOWL, Taos Woman, Cultural Energy, KNCE Radio, KTAOS Solar Radio, Twice Five Miles Radio, LiveTaos, and The Taos News.